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The kimono is a traditional Japanese clothing item that originated during the country’s Nara Period (645-794), and the Japanese kimonos we know of are from the Monoyama and Edo Periods (1568-1867). The Japanese traditional kimono we offer in our collection are from the 1900’s to the 1970’s. Since the creation of the traditional Japanese kimono robe, nearly all Japanese kimonos are essentially of the same quality and overall appearance of the kimono robes as the time they were created so long ago. At Vintage Kimono, we specialize in offering Japanese kimonos that are essentially the same as the contemporary kimono our modern society is familiar with through the media. If you are in the market to buy a Japanese traditional kimono, you are sure to be impressed with our paramount selection of traditional Japanese items such as our selection of vintage fabric wall hangings, unique Japanese pillows, our vintage kimono sash selection, and superior kimono fabric and kimono patterns used for all of kimono robes.

There are various styles of kimono including formal and casual styles, and we offer an assortment of vintage kimono styles for all seasons and occasions. For those looking for a kimono sash and other fine silk kimono accessories, we offer all of the finest traditional Japanese clothing accessories such as our silk kimono jackets, vintage men’s kimono, and custom sashes featured among our Japanese kimono robe collection. Most of the people interested in purchasing vintage kimono and other accessories will either wear the item to a special event or will proudly display it as the art pieces these gorgeous silk garments truly are.

In modern times, Kimono is typically only worn on special occasions and is primarily worn by women, but certain men do still wear this garb. Traditionally, no part of a silk kimono was ever wasted, and so remaining remnants see use as custom sashes, unique fabric wall hangings, children’s clothing, Japanese pillows, and assorted accessories, ensuring that every part of the precious Japanese traditional kimono finds a purpose. We specialize in offering one of the finest selections of vintage traditional vintage kimono clothing and accessories online, and we look forward to providing you with either your first silk kimono, or another fantastic addition to your already impressive collection.

Our purpose in offering these elegant garments is to keep this lovely tradition alive. Our Japanese kimono are:

  • Imported directly from Japan
  • Made between the early 1900s through the 1970s
  • Made of pure silk unless otherwise noted

We offer a large selection of men's kimono and women's long kimono which can be worn as robes, as well as men's and women's short kimono jackets (haori).

Custom sashes can be worn instead of the traditional obi, making your garment easier to wear; the obi is usually 10-12 feet long and in most cases requires assistance in tying.

The shorter haori make wonderful jackets.

Both kimono and haori can be hung on a hardwood hanging bar as wall art. We also offer beautiful hanging bars.

We rescue damaged garments to create decorative pillows, Japanese lamps, wall hangings, and silk scarves. Please see our accessories page for these unique treasures.

Vintage Kimono was founded in 2000 by Janine Thormann. Click here to read her bio.


One of our kimono is featured in the trick-or-treat scene of the movie Restless by Gus Van Sant.

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